This is a clean and pristine 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera with a rare manual 6 speed transmission. Black on Black with upgraded Turbo wheels.


I am the second owner of this car. In January 2016, I purchased this 911 in Vancouver, B.C. and had it imported into the US. Since it’s a North American vehicle, the only difference is that the headlights are always on and the speedometer is in km/hr. The digital speedometer is in mph/hr. Since I have owned it, it has been my daily driver travelling about 40 miles a day, mostly freeway. Other than maintenance, the car has only required a water pump change, 2 oxygen sensor change out and the passenger door window regulator change out. All done at dealer or at a local independent shop (highly regarded).

More details on the service history are below.

Factory options include:
Full leather interior with Alcantara headliner
Power driver and passenger seats
Sport chrono package
Xenon front headlights
Bose Sound system w/CD player

Tasteful upgrades include:
LED tail light upgrade (like 2007+ models)
Turbo Wheels with Pirelli P Zero Tires
Tinted windows and UV clear windshield tint (you can’t see it but it protects the dash/interior nicely).
Major Service History:

Mileage: 46,600: Replaced clutch, flywheel assembly. Done at Porsche Dealership.
Mileage: 59,900. Remove and replace right and left seals around CV and/or stub axles. Done at Porsche Dealership.
Mileage: 75,873. Remove and replace rear struts-leaking oil. Upper strut bearings are worn and were replaced. New upper bearings. Done at Porsche Dealership.
Mileage: 86,340. Secondary air below limit. Secondary Air Bank 1 below limit. Replaced secondary air pump, relay and shut off valve.
Mileage: 89,900. Replaced thermostat, water pump, serpentine belt, flushed coolant. Serviced at European Motors, Redwood City.
Rear rotors and brakes changed around 95,000 miles. Independent shop.
Oil changes done at around 5-10K intervals with synthetic oil.

Current Status:

While driving on the freeway to work in late February 2018, the CEL light came on. The car started to run roughly and so I drove it to the local Porsche dealership (Fremont, CA). After new coils and spark plugs did not resolve the misfires, a compression test was done showing zero pressure in #2 cylinder. A borescope showed no scoring or cracking of any cylinder walls. The #2 exhaust valve was shown as burned. I have a picture of the burned valve from the borescope. The dealership recommended a new engine as they did not want to do a rebuild.

I then had it towed to my local Independent Shop (in Bay Area) who ran another compression test and verified no pressure in #2. Also found 50PSI in #5. Recommended an engine rebuild (top end valve job) or entire engine swap.

Overall, an engine swap or rebuild of the top end may be needed. Note there are new spark coils and spark plugs (from dealership) in a box and included in the sale. (They tried this as the possible issue first but it didn’t solve the misfires/compression.) Since I have three kids, I need something more practical at this stage and don’t have the time to invest in this project.

Since the 911 does not currently run, it is currently at my independent shop here in the SF Bay Area. It can be inspected there and/or shipped from there to the winning bidder.

Note that it can start (if the spark/coils are re-installed but should not be driven until fixed.)

Note: I have a vehicle shipping contact (who is a wholesale level transporter). Happy to provide their info to ship the vehicle to you.

Location: Redwood City, California, United States

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